If you feel strongly about our cause and would like to help out, join us. Our work relies on driven and compassionate people like you.

There are many things you can get involved in at Immigrants’ Helpline, from designing our website and conducting research on immigration to creating illustrations and building networks with other organisations. 

Being part of Immigrants’ Helpline means that you can help shape the lives of immigrants living in Britain in what is a very challenging time. At the same time, you can shape our organisation as you help it grow. You will gain valuable experience about working with others and building social movements from the ground up.

Our work would be ideal for students outside of term time, but we also allow for significant flexibility so anyone is welcome to join. Just make sure you apply soon, as we receive many applications! 


We are currently looking for people to fill the following roles:

  • Research Assistant: We are looking for someone to help conduct research and produce content for our website. We require a strong command of English and research skills.
  • Illustrator: Can you draw? Are you passionate about design? Help us make our website even more beautiful. 
  • Translators: We need translators to help us produce content in all the EU languages.

If you would like to apply for any of these positions, or join us in any other capacity, please get in touch! In your email, tell us a bit about your background and motivations for joining us. And please attach your CV. Our email address is contact@immigrants.help